Ferrets Care Boise

Yes, we treat ferrets!

Ferrets need routine vaccines and should be examined yearly.  Older ferrets (>4 years) should be examined twice yearly because they frequently develop health issues.  Common problems seen in ferrets include:
  • Skin/parasite problems
  • Digestive System problems
  • Cancer/Tumors
  • Weakness
  • Heart disease
  • Baldness/Hormonal disease

Did you know that ferrets are susceptible to some of the same Influenza viruses that people are? They get fevers, runny noses, and sneeze, just like people.  Unfortunately, vaccines are not typically available to prevent this illness in ferrets.

Almost all ferrets in the US are either spayed or neutered by the breeder at six weeks of age.  This is done because female ferrets will stay in heat until mated.  If they are not bred, the prolonged heat cycle causes severe anemia and death.

About Us

Dr. Linda Leuthold Donerkiel established The Pet Doctor in November of 2003. She moved to Idaho after graduating from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995